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Emmanuel Silva

Winner of GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship - 2018

Emmanuel Silva's detailed watercolor paintings shows his mastery over the medium. His love for watercolor art and his passion in sharing his knowledge through teaching is highly admirable.
Emmanuel's masterful and highly detailed paintings deserve to win GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship award. Apart from giving international recognition, the scholarship award will provide him much needed support to fulfil the financial requirements related to his profession.
- The Scholarship Jury Panel

Emmanuel Silva has won

GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship award (Junior Category)
Cash award $300 USD + Art Materials of worth $200 USD + Certificate

Art materials will include
Pure Pigment set in Mission Gold Watercolors (17 assorted colors)
Lana Aquarelle Watercolor Paper Block (4 sides glued, Rough, 10" x 14")
Escoda Versatile Synthetic Kolinsky Round brush
Escoda Ultimo Synthetic Squirrel MOP brush

How will I get benefited from winning GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship award:

I would like to share knowledge and vision of painting watercolor across the country and hoping overseas in the future. I have made several travels across my country in universities, spreading the wondrous joy of painting watercolor. As such, next year I am again invited by another university for demonstrations and lecture of painting watercolor this coming January. But the year-end has not been good for me and I am quite low on funds. I like to give everyone the best opportunity for learning watercolor painting. However, such expenses are hard to cover out of own pocket for buying quality materials to teach painting. Winning the scholarship award will surely help me to deal with my financial issues. - Emmanuel Silva

Artist's statement:
I am born in Lipa city of Philippines. As an artist, I always sought to find ways to return to the conservative nature of painting; where objective standards were set like the masters of old. I found it in watercolor, because it demands grace, understanding, practice and thought.

I see myself doing my first works in watercolor from age of 10. Much of my childhood has been spent on joining art related events and competitions, especially in my primary school years. I learned to handle brush at the age of 12 and moved on from using pastels. I can say that a brush took me to other possibilities which cannot be done by simply using a dry drawing media. I survived the years enjoying the major academic studies but art has a strong calling in my soul. During my college days, hence while enrolled in an engineering program, I took my extra time to do self-study on acrylic and graphite medium, to strengthen my foundations regarding art: perspective, tonal values, compositional elements and the like. I took this to the next level by doing works in oil. I began to get serious with the matter as I also come to face the veteran artist in National Painting Competition in Metrobank Art and Design (2009) in which I was one of the finalists in oil media by the same year.

Later in the year 2010, I began to return to doing watercolor painting because of a personal need to teach a friend about art. I didn’t realize it was the medium teaching me again more about itself. I fully accepted the call to this medium in 2011 after realizing a dream of being included as one of the finalists in a national art competition in the same category.

After completing college, I practiced my profession of an Engineer in a Japanese manufacturing company. Their culture has emphasized in me their obsession with punctuality, order, and perfection to which my artistic inclinations began to adopt. I then dedicated my free time to painting watercolor, to which there was some success. In 2014 while working, I earned a post in GP (Guhit Pinas) Watercolor Artist Group as the president for the nation-wide artist guild. I had done numerous visits and demonstrations in the country teaching the art of watercolor. In the meantime, people began taking interest in my work as I began to sell paintings thru galleries and group exhibitions.

My works now rests in the style and concepts that revolve around the idea of reality and light, shape, form and beauty. I find mundane things to be a great expression of reflection from the philosophical point of view of existentialism: finding meaning amidst the harsh truths of life. On August 2018, my work was selected for the top 100 amongst the thousand of entries to the First Universal Watercolor Exposition in China which is an Olympic summit of watercolor painting in the world.

# 2016 Buena Mano, Selected Artists, Fernando B. Sena Art Gallery and Facility, Alvero Heights
Subd. Quezon City, Philippines
# 2016 SMX Tupada Exhibtion, Selected Artists, Mall of Asia Complex
# 2016 Isang Paghahandog (A Gift), Let’s Paint Art Group, Philippine Lung Center Oxygen Art
Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines
# 2016 Art Ala Carte, Selected Artists - Let’s Paint Art Group, SSS Gallery Quezon City,
# 2016 Physicians for peace: Art for a Cause, A Charity Exhibition, Selected Artists, Galleria De
Las Islas, Intramuros, Manila City, Philippines
# 2016 Tiendesitas Arts Festival, Group of Selected Artists, Tiendesitas Ortigas, Pasig City
# 2017 Noon at Ngayon (Then and Now) Cultural Exhibition, IWS Philippines, GSIS Gallery,
Pasay City, Philippines
# 2017 Seven Men and an Apple, Founding Members of Let’s Paint Artist Group, FB Sena Art
Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines
# 2017 Still Life Exhibition, Let’s Paint Art Group Selected Artists Exhibition, FB Sena Art
Gallery and Facility, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines
# 2018 Mind over Water, Selected Artists, Gallery Anna, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, Metro
Manila, Philippines
# 2018 First Universal Watercolor Exposition, Xishi Grand Theater, Zhuji Province, China
# 2018 Aburawash International Watercolor Art Prize, Appreciation Award

Emmanuel Silva

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