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Krasi Todorov

Director of GAWA &
Country Leader of Bulgaria

Krasi Todorov is the founder of his own, unique ZN ART method of research and encoding the n-dimensionality of space on the basis of which he delivers in Bulgaria and abroad a number of master classes on Spatial Awareness and Creativity in the Contemporary World. He is the author of the collection ZN ART –Museum form Paper, exhibitedin the Regional Museum of History in the town of Vratsa, Bulgaria. In his art Krasi Todorov doesn’t limit himself at all: 2D, 3D, and even beyond all dimensionsand materials of expression, he aims to carry over the Bridge of Timelessness the spiritual values and material achievements of diverse civilizations and cultures. In recent years he has a number of solo exhibitions and has participated in over 20 international watercolor and art forums. His desire is not only to share his experience and art philosophy, but also to participate in a process that will bring for the awareness and development of contemporary art as a whole.
Pictures of Krasi Todorov are owned by private collectors in Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Greece, Japan, Poland, Spain, USA, and other countries. 

Masterpieces are born when an artist paints with passion and dedication - Krasi Todorov

# Internationalproject ZN ART based on method of his own for investigating the n-dimensionality of spaces, and aimed at the application of hi-tech technologiesin the education and culturefield; knowledge communication and creation of innovative ambiance.
# Author, organizer and curator of the International project The Sunset of civilizations? based on the digitalization of the cultural heritage and its artistic presentation.
# Workshop with Krasi Todorov ZN ART –The Material Language of the Information Field in the Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.
# GeneralConsultant of the International Watercolor Symposium –Belogradchik 2017
#  International ProjectBeyond, organized byZN ART Center -Sofia,IWS Albania, VIZart andCenter for Openness and Dialogue(COD)in Tirana, Albania. First Place Awardfor Watercolor Sculpturepresented/ demonstratedin COD during the 2ndTirana International Watercolor Biennale, Albania.
# Creative consultant of the International Watercolor Triennial –Varna and the travelling exhibition WATERcolor & Spiritin 7 Bulgarian towns
# International project Paradigm of the Contemporary Space and Spatial Awarenessorganized by ZN ART Center –Sofia; MSTU Stankin; Network for Technical Support of Education in Moscow, and the Department of Education in the town of Moscow. Creation of the sculpture Griffins -Guardians of Knowledgeas DAAM InternationalVienna gold award, given at the 25thDAAM International Symposiumby the Chairman Branko Katalinic and Krasi Todorov to Dr. Wilfried Stoll, owner of Festo and general sponsor ofthe organization2012Permanent presentation center, RSUH, Moscow
# Bulgarian -Russian project Face2Face, organized by the ZN ART Center –Sofiaand the International Institute for New Educational Technologies, RSUH, Moscow, aimed at the synthesis of arts, science and hi-tech. Master classes and practical demonstrations.
# International project The World Culture Among Three Mountains and accompanying art presentation at theXIVOlympiad of the Russian Language at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute –Moscow
# International project The Contemporary World and the Digital Technologies: exhibition, science conference, and hi-tech demonstrations
# Archaeology and the Contemporary World:façade of the Archeological museum–Plovdiv 

# Permanent collection of 110 innovativeoriginals ZN Art -Museum from Paper,Regional History Museum –Vratsa - May 2013 till date 
# International Watercolor Color Festival InWatercolor 2018, Ranchi, India - August 2018
# Spring International Watercolor Festival VIZart. Live Demonstration in watercolor after the Opening ceremony inthe University of Arts, Tirana, Albania. - May 2018
# Fabriano in Watercolor:International Watercolor Festival, Italy. Live demonstration with Selma Todorova Watercolor Portrait in Fire & Water. - May 2018
# Festival UrbinoInAcquerello - April 2017, 2018
# International Biennial Happiness in Watercolor, Dubai, UAE. - Feb 2018
# II International Watercolor Biennial Pearls of Peace, Jamshoro,Pakistan. - Feb 2018
# Second International Watercolor Symposium –Belogradchik - July 2017
# THEARTBOX.PROJECTBasel1.0 - June 2017
# XI International Art Symposium Love & Understanding, Požarevac, Serbia - June 2017
# Art in Embassies Exhibition Expressive Landscapes from America and Bulgaria, Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria - April 2017

and several others...

Krasi Todorov




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